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MJ Labs is a leading manufacturer

of existing and new formulations specialising in health supplements and complementary medicine as well as vitamin fortification. MJ Labs takes overall responsibility for manufacturing and packaging, as well as quality control and quality assurance of all products. MJ Labs is a contract manufacturer and packer of complementary medicines, health supplements and vitamin fortification. This is done in capsule, powder, cream, liquid, tablet, coated tablet, sachets & ointment forms.

Our Products

Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent tablets hit the market with a big fizz! Effervescent tablets are produced, tubed (10's or 12's) and boxed to perfection. Dehumidifiers form part of the quality system.

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• Bovine Gelatine Capsules • Veggie Capsules • Size 0, 00, 000 and size 1 • Different colours to choose from • Soft gel packing

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MJ Labs is one of the few manufacturers in South Africa that manufacture fortification premixes and health supplements in power form

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Liquids & Drops

Looking to bottle any liquid supplement? We have the right container, whether it is glass or plastic, with an attachment to dispense products with ease

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• Film coated tablets • Uncoated tablets • Different size tablets • Different colors to choose from for film coating

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When it comes to convenience on the run, sachets are the way to go. MJ Labs has stick-fill sachet packaging machines.

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Blister Packs

Capsules can be sealed into blister packs before they are boxed with ease.

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Binded Packs

If you are looking to sell a combo pack of your products we can manufacture your products and create binded packs the way that you prefer them.

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Product Capabilities:

Minimum Order Quantities

New Product Development

If you have an exciting new product idea you would like to develop, our experienced team would be happy to assist with research and formulation development. Please note that fees apply based on the progression of the formulation. Our R&D team will assist with trials and samples of your product. Once prototypes have been tested and approved, production planning can commence. If you have existing products and only need to manufacture, we can provide you with samples based on approved preliminary costings. Before any product development or costing on existing products a non-disclosure agreement is necessary. This outlines your formulation’s confidential information, typically for the protection of your product. We also have technical quality agreements to assure the quality of the product.

Your journey to success...


Complete client information form and sigh NDA. Confirmation on formulation, application and packaging details in order to provide a preliminary costing.


Upon approval of preliminary costing, TRIAL 1 of sampling phase can start. Please note that amendments to formulation will have an influence on costing. If preliminary costing is not viable, reformulation and packaging amendments should be made.


Upon approval of sample, final costing can be sent, and quotation/product form can be sighed off. We can assist with basic label content, but PIL/PI must be done via a regulatory consultant.


Upon artwork approval, orders can be placed. Please keep your label printing supplier’s MOQ and lead time in mind when placing an order with MJ LABS. We only start with manufacturing once labels have been delivered.


Once sales order is sent, we need a 50% payment to secure your order and balance payment before collection can be made. Credit application can be done after the first 3 orders


Once all raw material have been procured and packaging items have been delivered, manufacturing can start. First batch lead time on new products is 15-20 working days. Second batch lead time is 10-15 working days.

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